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Acts of the Believer Bible Study

Acts of the Believer is a deep and introspective bible study of the 28 chapters in the book of Acts in the New Testament.

So many believers today long for a deep, supernatural relationship with God. They feel like they are so close, but not quite at the level of intimacy and authority they saw Jesus and the disciples walk in while they were on the earth.

So often we read the stories in the book of Acts with the mindset that "we've heard this all before" so we miss some of the keys that can unlock true supernatural revelation in our hearts.

This bible study was taught live as a series and the revelation in the room was tangible.

I believe that whenever we set aside time to seek God's face and to grow in revelation, He shows up. I believe you will find keys in these lessons that will propel you into deeper waters in your relationship with God.

If you desire a deeper revelation on God's supernatural realm and to understand His desire for you to operate as Kingdom citizens in the earth, I invite you to join me on this 28 day journey. 

I believe you will enjoy this study and be transformed by the truth of God's word.

See you on the inside!