Mission Trip


Vita is going to Cambodia with Women on the Frontlines and Children on the Frontlines in January of 2023. In Cambodia, as a part of our Project HOPE initiative, we partner with an organization called Extreme Love Ministries who helps to rescue adults and children from the evil of human trafficking.

This organization provides victims with opportunities to:

  • Heal
  • Recover
  • Be restored
  • Be fed (naturally and spiritually)
  • Become educated
  • Become gainfully employed in purposeful work that restores dignity

Extreme Love literally loves victims back to life with the love of Christ.

You can help send Vita!

We are going in January to bring the love of God to these victims and to see if there are other projects we can create or help to fund to further enhance our partnership with Extreme Love and help our Woman on the Frontlines, Andrea and her team to increase their reach and impact to even more people. If you'd like to help Vita go on this trip, please click on the link below.

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