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Vita is going to Cambodia with Women on the Frontlines and Children on the Frontlines in early 2024. Our Cambodia project is to combat and take captive the gates of oppression and human trafficking.


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Vita's Blog

"About Gatekeepers Arise: This book was such a delight to read! As a pastor I want it in the hands of my entire congregation! Why? Because it is masterful in its challenge to every believer to pick up the assignment that God has for them and give it their all! It makes one realize that EVERY assignment from God is powerful and important and EVERY congregation member must run their race to win the prize- not just the leaders appointed over them! The journey through the Old Testament examples were thrilling and eloquent- read this book- you will love it! "

Pastors Craig and Jennifer Field
Senior Pastors at Promise of Life Church in Mississauga Canada

"Vita is an excellent teacher, who is very passionate about serving the Lord. She gives herself wholeheartedly to our intercessory group. Vita has a wealth of knowledge for teaching and great leadership skills that she selflessly shares with many. I am excited to see what God has in store for us through what He has allowed/purposed Vita to pen in this book. [The Gatekeeper]"

Josephine M.

"Vita Panico is a treasure & a great gift to the body of Christ today! Her heart to teach the word of God through the wisdom that the Lord has bestowed on her is truly amazing! Vita embraces breaks down truths in the bible each week to our prayer and intercessory “Gate Keepers” prayer team. Those of us in attendance have gone to brand new levels and deeper in our relationship with the Lord as she covers topics on intercessory prayer, spiritual intimacy, personal freedom, spiritual warfare and so much more!"

Beverley Telfser
Long Time Office Manager & Personal Assistant to Pastor Susan Kiteley of Brampton Christian Family Church

"It's been a pleasure to be under Ms. Vita's teaching. Her teaching has challenged my walk with God through her teaching on being a Gatekeeper. It has encouraged me to be mindful of what I watch, hear, say and do so that I'll be able to usher and stay in the presence of God. Vita's teaching has elevated my spiritual walk and brought me closer to God."

About Training Believers in Gatekeeper Prayer

"Ms. Vita's teaching has always encouraged me to grow deeper in my relationship with God. I always enjoy her worship, too. She always encourages us to talk about what we see and hear during worship. Ms. Vita's teaching has really helped me to grow spiritually."

About Training Beleivers in Gatekeeper Prayer

What others are saying...

"...encouraged me to be mindful of what I watch, hear, say and do so that I will be able to usher in and stay in the presence of God."

-Tomi P.

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