About Vita

Vita Panico is a passionate lover of Jesus who is also a businesswoman, church leader, ordained minister,  teacher and an intercessor. She is also the prayer director for the international Women's Ministry Women on the Frontlines under the leadership of Wendy Peter. Vita is a relationship-driven coach and creator of the online study course This Proverbial Life and author of the book Gatekeepers Arise

She believes that you were intentionally created, with a divine destiny embedded in the core of your being for this exact time in history. 

God sent you into creation at this precise season in time with a mission only you can complete. 

Vita wholeheartedly enjoys helping people discover who they are in Christ and uncover their God-given purpose.  Having worked for many years with youth, young adults, and prayer teams she is a natural coach and cheerleader. She also carries an anointing to help believers develop in their ability to see and hear God's Rhema word for them more clearly. 

It is her passion to help people connect deeply with their creator.   

She creates bible studies, courses, writes books, teaches and seeks to empower others to discover how valuable they are to God so that they can live the abundant life Jesus promised

For inquiries about having Vita speak at your conference or event, please contact her here.


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