It Is Possible

A hummingbird is a fascinating creature. It can hover in place (even positioning itself upside down and against strong wind and rain) to get the nectar it needs from a flower.

A hummingbird has the ability to steady itself and extract nectar (the good) with precision against a lot of adversity. So can you when you are not selling yourself short.

A bumblebee has tiny wings and a comparatively large body. Yet it flies with ease, gathering it's nectar without hesitation or fear of failure.

A bumblebee adds value to the flower as it takes what it needs. So do you when you function in your purpose.

Hummingbirds and Bumblebees just do what they were created to do without giving their challenges a second thought. They don't compare themselves or their journey to that of other birds or insects. They just are who God created them to be. 

God ingrained within them a unique purpose and He gave them all the tools they need to fulfill that purpose.

We know now, after studying these creatures, that both hummingbirds and bumblebees flap their wings very differently than other birds and insects do. They do it innately. It is the reason why they can do what they should not be able to do. 

The thing is, if they tried to flap like the others in order to "fit in" or so that they wouldn't be judged, they'd fail to fly and fulfil their purpose.

Isn't that exactly what so many people do though? We try to flap just like the others do because they look good doing their thing and we think, "this must the way it's done."

God called bumblebees and hummingbirds to have their own special talents and abilities and He installed within their being the unique flight mechanism designed to enable them to do what they should otherwise be unable to do so that they can complete their mission. Before they ever flapped their first flap they had everything they needed to succeed.

God has done the same for you and I. So why do we work so hard to mimic others instead of learning to be our true selves? 

When we look at our lives and our purposes we must believe that God has already equipped us with everything we'd ever need to accomplish our life's mission.

When we trust Him, and allow Him to lead us step by step in the direction of His ultimate plan, we will succeed.

When we trust Him and allow His still small voice to lead us, we can discover the unique way God designed US to fly. Alternatively, we can choose to compare ourselves with and attempt to mimic others. When we attempt to mimic others who are designed differently than we are, we will inevitably end up failing to launch the new thing God desires to birth in the earth through our lives.

It all starts with what we believe. Each of us (without exception) can take everything we already know and allow the Lord to build on it. All things are possible if we only believe. 

An eagle is beautiful, majestic and regal, but it cannot be a hummingbird or do what the hummingbird can do. It is designed to be an eagle. You are one of a kind. No one else can be you and no one else can do what you were created to do (not the way you can).

You life's work, your mission, your destiny and your purpose are only possible if you see yourself as a complete person who contains everything needed to bring the plan to pass. 

Do you see it? Look to Him and look within. You have all the tools you need. 

A hummingbird and a bumblebee are miraculous in their design. So are you. Just like them, you can overcome all the odds and even come through tremendous adversity and still accomplish what you were created for. 

You are God's answer. When you believe that, nothing is impossible. 

Thanks for joining me again this week. I'd love to hear your thoughts. You can connect with be by leaving a message below. Until next week remember that you are loved and deeply cherished by Jesus and by me. 





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