Gatekeepers Arise!

You were created to live a life of passionate destiny. You were created to push back the gates of hell and overcome the enemy. You were created to storm his territory, push back the darkness and allow God’s kingdom to come into the earth.

Vita Panico

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If that's true, then why does it look like we are in a losing battle?

Are you still waiting for God’s promises to come true? Do you have a dream but don't know how to realize it?

It is time that we stop expecting things to happen to us and learn to partner with Holy Spirit to create the changes our world needs. It is never too late to start living life with purpose.

In fact, the RIGHT time is NOW.

The space you are standing in right now is exactly where you are meant to be.

This is where you learn how to connect with your God-assigned purpose.

You are the Gatekeeper of your own life. 

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Gatekeepers Arise will...

  • Ignite a passion on the inside of you and give you the courage to believe that this passion can influence the world around you.
  • Give you EYES to SEE who you really are and why you are here on the earth today.
  • Give you EARS to HEAR what God has to say to you and to your sphere of influence through you.
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Are you ready to walk in the fullness of what the bible promises us as believers?

Gatekeepers Arise will help you develop courage and boldness in your faith. You will be empowered to step into the authority you are promised as a believer. You will finally be able to overcome the challenges and obstacles that have hindered you from stepping into your calling and destiny.

You will learn how to discover your assigned gate and you’ll gain confidence in your own call so you can step into it without fear of what others may think or say.

It is time to arise and take your place at your gate and step confidently into your destiny assignment. You are the key to release Heaven’s plan into your sphere of influence. God has equipped you to manifest His glory in the earth. The gate is yours to open so that the King of Glory may come in.

You are here in the earth today on purpose and full of purpose. Arise Gatekeeper and take your place.

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Gatekeepers Arise will cause your faith to ARISE and your passion to be stirred. This book will give you the tools to

unlock the hidden destiny
assignment within your own life

so you can find your gate of influence and have the
confidence, authority, boldness and strength
to defend it from any and all attacks of the enemy.

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Once you gain control of your life and family, you will know exactly how to step into a life of victory in the workplace and in your ministry assignment as well. For too long believers have accepted uncertainty and we have lost ground.

It is time to wake up to our true power and authority in Christ and to release that power into the earth to see God’s purposes realized and His kingdom come.

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A generation of kingdom believers is rising up to take our place on the world stage. We are about to see modern day Joseph’s and David’s and Joshua’s and Moses’ (male and female versions) rise up, own their call and win back the nations for Jesus.

I want to be equipped.
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