To Know Him More

knowing god pursue god Nov 21, 2018

The reason I gave my heart to God as a teenager was because I wanted to know Him. I wanted a relationship with the creator of the universe. I've always desired this connection with God, even as a young child. My parents brought us to church regularly as children and while I was raised knowing that God could hear my prayers, no one ever told me that He would respond directly to me.

Then while on a summer break right before starting the 11th grade a dear friend shared with me that God spoke to her and it ignited in me a faith to believe it was possible to hear God for myself. I truly believed that if He was talking to someone I knew personally (not just my priest) then He could talk to me too. It was as if  in that very moment the impossible became possible and I believed. 

It has been a journey of growth which has not always been linear for me. Over the years I have had seasons of great intimacy with God where I could hear His voice...

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