Happy January 1st 2018!!!!


Hello my friend!

First of all, I want to say thanks for stopping by my blog.  I hope you'll subscribe and stay a while.  I'm Vita Panico and I am a lover of Jesus, the Holy Spirit, God the Father and all things Kingdom.  I am the intercessory prayer leader at my church, I am a cheerleader and coach by nature.  One of the many things I am passionate about is helping people fall in love with their creator and figure out their passion and purpose in this life.  

I am also a business woman who enjoys fashion, shiny things, health and wellness and I am an incurable personal growth junkie.  So if you are the kind of person who wants to kick your spiritual life, professional life, physical life and intellectual life into high gear then we can definitely be friends.  Please send me a note with a quick hello because you are my kind of peeps and I can't wait to meet you.  If we already know each other, send me a note anyway so I can send you a virtual high-five because you rock!

Now, I know that being the first of the year you are very likely getting goal setting tips everywhere you look so I am not going to bombard you with all of that in this post.  However, I will share a link right here to one of my mentors sharing her goal-setting strategy.  It is the best one I have heard to date and it is the strategy I use myself. I highly recommend you check it out if you are looking for a streamlined method that will not only help you accomplish your goals but for those of us who already rock at goal attainment, this method will also ensure that the goals we rock are the right goals for us in this season of our lives.  There is no point in attaining a goal that leaves you feeling worse-off than you were before right?

Did you know that could happen?  It can.  Sometimes we chase a goal and don't realize that it is messing up otherwise tidy areas of our lives in the process and cleaning up those messes is really not that fun.  There is a way to run this race without completely losing our breath in the process or our minds for that matter. Let's hold on to those ok?  

I do want to say this about goals though, there are 3 times each year when I personally choose to reflect over the last season, my birthday (in April), the beginning of September and of course that week between Christmas and the New Year where the whole world is in re-evaluation mode.  I do this three times per year because it allows me to see where I am at in relation to my goals and to course-correct along the way if I'm getting off track.  

Have you noticed that many of us set goals for our work or business ambitions, our health, our families and relationships and a new achievement we want to accomplish yet we often neglect to set goals for our spiritual life or our personal growth. This is why year after year, many of us feel stagnant in our faith-walk and/or life and we get stuck in patterns and routines that sooner or later run us instead of us running them.  

Jesus said that He came to give us a life, an abundant one (John 10:10).  I believe our lives should be abounding in passion, excitement and purpose.  So if they are not, we must strategically invest time and energy into building up those weaker areas of our life especially if they are of great importance to us.  

Let me know if you check out the link above and what you think of my mentor's goal-setting style.  Today is the first of the month so I invite you to read Proverbs chapter one with me today.

Once again, thanks for stopping by.  Please subscribe so we can stay in touch.

Happy New Year!




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