How To Get To a Deeper Place in God

What does it mean when Christians encourage one another to to "go into the deep" with God? We tell one another, "launch out into the deep," and remind each other that scripture proclaims that, "deep calls out too deep." The question is, do we really understand what all these terms mean?

I'll tell you what they mean to me. It means going deeper than just surface-level faith. It means that church on Sunday as a mere ritual is not high enough. It means looking for ways to interact with God in a way that is less cerebral and more sensory. In other words, I want to experience God with my five senses, not just treat my faith as though it is a subject to be studied, learned and memorized. I want to hear Him, see Him, taste Him, touch Him and smell Him. God is a real being with real things to say and I want to know Him more and more every day.

The thing is, this kind of faith is not something that happens by accident. It takes determination, discipline, persistence...

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It's Time to See Him Clearly!

The Veil Has Been Rent!

Do you ever struggle with hearing God's voice or seeing God in the faint imaginings of your mind? So many believers do. It seems that some believers hear and see spiritual things easily while others don't.

What if a lot of that difficulty has to do with our expectation? What if we don't have to be stuck in a perpetual season of shallow spirit-living where we get a goosebump here and there at conferences and in prayer lines?

What if the only thing that has to change for us to be able to operate in a greater spiritual capacity is our perspective.

As a young believer, I used to only "hear" or "see" things when I was lost in deep worship. However, when I would share my visions or words from God with others, the responses I got varied between blank stares and half smiles to unbelief filled, "wow's" or the worst ones of all, the patronizing, "you're so cute" kind of responses.

I was never encouraged to press in to those moments or to...

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Happy January 1st 2018!!!!


Hello my friend!

First of all, I want to say thanks for stopping by my blog.  I hope you'll subscribe and stay a while.  I'm Vita Panico and I am a lover of Jesus, the Holy Spirit, God the Father and all things Kingdom.  I am the intercessory prayer leader at my church, I am a cheerleader and coach by nature.  One of the many things I am passionate about is helping people fall in love with their creator and figure out their passion and purpose in this life.  

I am also a business woman who enjoys fashion, shiny things, health and wellness and I am an incurable personal growth junkie.  So if you are the kind of person who wants to kick your spiritual life, professional life, physical life and intellectual life into high gear then we can definitely be friends.  Please send me a note with a quick hello because you are my kind of peeps and I can't wait to meet you.  If we already know each other, send me a note anyway so I can send you a...

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