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forgive forgiveness freedom Dec 05, 2018

Forgiveness is a key to unlocking and releasing realms of glory from the kingdom of heaven into the earth. It also sets the prisoners free. For the believer, it isn't to be treated as an arbitrary concept which we can opt in or out of at will.

Forgiveness or the lack thereof can either propel us into our destiny or imprison us in patterns of self-destruction indefinitely. 

Just like a lock requires for us to extend our hand, insert the key into the keyhole and turn, forgiveness too must be extended so that it can turn lives around until we are moving in the direction of promise. 

I want to lead us in a decree of forgiveness today because restoration and healing cannot take place unless forgiveness is released. God can not release the oil of forgiveness and restoration over us, or over our families and work places, or over our communities if we don't unlock the windows and gates of heaven with forgiveness. 

When we are broken, it can feel as though extending forgiveness gives our adversary a "get out of jail free card," and that can feel like a great injustice. 

However, what we may not realize is that in the spirit realm our choice not to forgive actually takes all the power out of the hands of God as we position the cell of our prisoner outside heaven's jurisdiction and place it smack dab in the middl of enemy territory.

It may feel like we are in control but we have effectively also imprisoned ourselves and appointed ourselves the designated jailer. We are no longer living our authentic life in freedom. We have become squatters on territory that is not designed for us to thrive in. 

So, while it is true that we do have the ability to deny them freedom, unless we choose to release them, we are actually perpetually connected to them in bondage.

Do you want to wake up every morning for the rest of your life looking in the face of the one who did you wrong and giving them the power to hold you back from the fullness of your destiny? If not, forgiveness is the only answer.

When we hold unforgiveness in our hearts, our wounds can never fully heal. Time and again we allow the enemy to come in and pick the scab off the wound so that we can't function at full capacity or strength.

Forgiveness sets us all back under kingdom authority. It releases you to go on and live the life you were designed for and it releases our enemy to the full weight of kingdom. 

Releasing our captives does not make what was done ok. Nor does it let them off the hook. It simply allows us to leave them in God's hands.

The Bible says that vengeance belongs to the Lord. He is a just God and He knows how to deal with each and every one of us.

The question is, do we trust Him, or would we rather shoulder the responsibility of punishment ourselves?

If we want to be the ones in charge of imprisoning, guarding and overseeing the prisoner, we will never have time, energy or will-power to go on and complete our destiny assignments. 

If you are reading this message today, it is time to set all those who have wronged us free. 

It's time to live in freedom ourselves. 

It's time to unlock the cages and boldly go after the life-work and assignment we were born to live.

I encourage you to take a moment and ask the Holy Spirit to search your heart and see if there is anyone or anything (even subconsciously) that you need to forgive and release from bondage. 

I believe that some of us need to forgive ourselves as well. 

Once you are ready here is the decree I'd like you to say out loud...

"Lord Jesus, I decree today that I forgive ________________________ for ________________________. I release them today from captivity. I allow my forgiveness to turn the key and release them into your capable hands. I trust you Lord to administer justice. Forgive me for trying to function in a role that does not belong to me. Justice and vengeance belong to you. Thank you for your ability to heal me and for setting me free. I decree that the destinies that were hindered as a result of my actions can now be released in full capacity. I decree redemption over my family and health and wholeness to every broken place in Jesus' name! Amen!"

If you made this decree today, please send me a note to let me know. 

If you'd like me to pray for you, please send me an email or a private message on IG or Facebook and I would be honoured to pray for you.

Until next time beloved, remember that you are loved and deeply cherished by Jesus and by me.






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