Release Forgiveness

forgive forgiveness freedom Dec 05, 2018

Forgiveness is a key to unlocking and releasing realms of glory from the kingdom of heaven into the earth. It also sets the prisoners free. For the believer, it isn't to be treated as an arbitrary concept which we can opt in or out of at will.

Forgiveness or the lack thereof can either propel us into our destiny or imprison us in patterns of self-destruction indefinitely. 

Just like a lock requires for us to extend our hand, insert the key into the keyhole and turn, forgiveness too must be extended so that it can turn lives around until we are moving in the direction of promise. 

I want to lead us in a decree of forgiveness today because restoration and healing cannot take place unless forgiveness is released. God can not release the oil of forgiveness and restoration over us, or over our families and work places, or over our communities if we don't unlock the windows and gates of heaven with forgiveness. 

When we are...

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