How to Make Difficult Decisions

There is a poem by Robert Frost which I studied on more than one occasion in my younger years. Every so often I find myself coming back to it again. The poem is called The Road Not Taken and it has had a lasting impact on my life. 

Mr. Frost describes having to make a choice that he would only likely get to make once. He had to choose a way forward (a direction in life) when the trail unexpectedly split before him during his walk in the woods.

By his description, there was nothing inherently wrong with either path but even though he would have liked to travel both, in the moment he could only choose one.

Sometimes in life we are faced with difficult choices. They both look like good choices and both paths may seem inviting. Yet we know that we can only choose one or the other. How do we choose?

We want to be led of the spirit and move in the direction of God's divine plan for our lives but how do we determine which way that is?

I have had to make some...

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