Do You Need Anything Restored?

Uncategorized Aug 15, 2018

God is in the restoration business. He isn't about demolition and starting from scratch.  He did that once in the days of Noah and promised never to do that again. 

You are not a side project when it comes to God. You are his main event. The destiny of your life is critical to the grand design and He is even willing to pull forward and redeem the unfulfilled legacy of the generations that went before you in your life IF you dare to ask Him to do it.

He cares about the legacy locked up in our bloodlines. There are promises and destinies and revelations just waiting to be unfolded in time. 

Just because some of our ancestors didn’t believe in God and even if they themselves never fulfilled the assignments God had for their lives does not mean God is unfaithful. 

God continues to reveal truth to us and gives us every opportunity to fulfill His legacy promises in our lives (even those tied to the obedience of generations past). He...

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Do You Feel the Holy Spirit?

Uncategorized Aug 08, 2018
Do you feel the presence of Holy Spirit  lingering in the room when you worship?  Do you sense Him urging you forward as you ponder your destiny? Are you actually pondering your destiny? I encourage you to do that this week. It is so important that we realize that our King is among us.  I can sense His presence clearly.  

During a corporate prayer time on a Friday night in early spring, the Lord gave me a line from a Misty Edwards song which says, "I can feel the rhythm of the lion of the tribe of Judah." As we sang that I could see the lion roaming in our midst. I sensed that same lion in prayer on the following Thursday. I believe the Lord is wanting to make His presence known among us. 

Here are some more of the lyrics of that song, "I can hear the rhythm of the Lion of the tribe of Judah.  He's doing a new thing, so we're singing a new song. He's not a baby in a manger anymore. He's not a broken man on a...
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Is Anything Too Big for God?

Uncategorized Aug 01, 2018

3 Scriptures to Enlarge Your Thinking

I am just coming back from a blow-your-mind awesome time in God’s presence at the Women on the Front Lines Global Convention in Arizona. One of the things God highlighted to me last week is just how vast He is. He is everywhere and He is everything. We know this and yet we really can't fully grasp it. God is so categorically huge yet even in my awareness of Him I can have some seriously small thinking. Can you relate? When we understand the ginormous-ness of God, and we immerse ourselves in His presence the things that used to seem like insurmountable mountains now seem possible to overcome. The challenge is to stay immersed in that life-giving presence. 

I read Psalm 104 today and if you haven't already, may I recommend reading it in the Passion Translation, it is so good. Listen to this language ... 

Verse 4 says, "You make your messengers into winds of the Spirit and all your ministers...

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No Limits! It’s Time to Break Free.

Uncategorized Jul 25, 2018

3 Keys to Getting Unstuck

At the beginning of this year I heard the Lord say, “Don’t be tethered to the problems, fears or insecurities of others. Focus on my promise. Walk forward. Cut that tether regardless of whether they are willing to move with you. Trust me to take care of them. If you don’t let go, you will be stuck and so will they because you are meant to be a trailblazer for others to follow.”  

True fact, we cannot blaze a trail or be a forerunner if we are tethered to the past. We can’t cater to the fears or insecurities of others either because all that does is enable them to remain stuck in their self-made prisons. If we are not careful, we will allow the prisons which hold others back to also hold us back from obeying the call of God to move ahead. We can all choose to cut our tethers and march forward into destiny. When we do and only when we do will others be able to see a path forward into freedom. If we stay...

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In holiness, unity and full and complete obedience we will overcome every adversary.

Uncategorized Jul 18, 2018

On the way home, I heard God say, "You know Jericho was the first battle the Israelites fought in the promised land." I said, "Yes, Lord. Does that mean we have crossed over into our promised land?" He said, "Yes but being in the promised land does not mean you have time to rest and relax. You must be ready for battle because there are many giants to overcome and subdue."  

I came home to read the story and here are some of the things the Holy Spirit highlighted to me.  

Under the leadership of Joshua, the Israelites crossed the Jordan on dry land. Just as God parted the red sea, opening up the wilderness to them when they were fleeing from the Egyptians, God also parted the Jordan river for the nation to cross over into the promised land. It was a different process this time but it was also a very different obstacle and very different circumstances.  We must realize that God will always make a way for us, even where there is no obvious way.  


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Disappointment is Not the Boss of Me!

Uncategorized Jul 11, 2018

Have you ever had your sails of hope up, looking forward to something with great anticipation and it seems like the wind is hitting those sails just right. Those are awesome moments full of promise and it feels like you have great momentum with the dream in sight until all of a sudden the wind changes and your sails become deflated. The momentum stops and your dream seems lost? I think we have all experienced the sting of disappointment at one point or another in our lives and it can really hurt. 

It doesn't matter what it was that you were hoping or believing for; disappointment has a very painful sting. There are degrees of disappointment of course. The disappointment of not getting the home you put an offer in on is not the same as the disappointment of losing a loved one. We all understand that intellectually. However, while it is true that some disappointments are harder to recover from than others, in the moment, disappointment has a real knack of...

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Who Are You Following? 

Uncategorized Jul 04, 2018

If someone looked at your life today, would they be able to tell who you are following? Are you following anyone, or do you just go your own way? 

A dear friend of mine was conveying a story to me the other evening and she made a comment that resonated in my spirit. The point of the comment was this. So many of us are always on the go. We are running to and fro all day long. Most of us are burnt-out, tired and stressed all of the time. The question for those of us who have a relationship with Jesus is this; with all the places we are running-off to and all the things we “have” to do, is He the one who is sending us?  If not, then why are we running ourselves ragged?  Who are we really following? 

When we read the gospels it is clear that Jesus asked each of his disciples and the rich young ruler to follow Him. What He meant by that was for the individuals to actually leave everything else behind and...

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Who Is In Your Inner Circle? 

Uncategorized Jun 27, 2018


Why does God warn us to guard our hearts above all things? Because the condition of our heart shapes our whole life. The condition of our heart will determine if we hit the mark or miss the mark on our destiny assignments. Prov. 4:23 tells us that we are not only to guard our hearts, but also to pay attention to them. We need to check in from time to time to see how we ourselves are doing? 

What many of us do though is we just go about our daily lives checking in on everyone else around us but not noticing where dust bunnies and cobwebs have started to build up in our own hearts. 

When we check in regularly, we can quickly clean up. However when we leave it for too long it starts to become a project we do not want to tackle. It becomes one of those things we have to do instead of one of those things we get to do.  

Listen dear one, YOUR heart is important. So lets not leave them unattended, unmanned or unguarded. Here are some keys on...

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Can We Talk for a Minute About Friendships?

friendship Jun 21, 2018
Can we talk for a minute about friendships? This week I really want to share my heart because I know so many people who really struggle with this topic in one way or another.
Here are some of the key reasons I am writing this blog this week:
  • I’ve heard people say that it is difficult to make friends as an adult.
  • Others have friendships that drag them down and sometimes they don’t even realized it.
  • Some have friendships they feel obligated to because of the amount of time they’ve known a person.
  • Still others simply don’t know how to be a good friend at all or what a good friendship should look like.
  • Some have been very hurt in friendships and have completely closed themselves off to developing meaningful ones that will add value to their lives.
We are going to touch on some of these topics this week because human beings thrive in community. This is such a huge topic and I won’t be able to cover everything here, so if you have...
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What You See Depends On Where You Are Looking and Where You Are Standing

Uncategorized Jun 13, 2018

I love the picture above.  It reminds me of some key things the Lord has been speaking to us this year.

1-  The deep things of God require us to get in to the water.  If I don't step out in faith, I will not see the miracles the Lord has prepared for me.  The priests had to step into the water in order for the sea to part.  Peter had to step out of the boat in order to walk in the supernatural realm.  I hope you are stepping out in faith too.

2-  Yes, there may be enemies lurking in the deep, but when we walk in love and humility and faith, they do not have authority to harm us.  As we abide in Him, God deals with those enemies and teaches us how to fight when we must fight and leave it to Him when the battle is His.  We are safe in Him.  

3-  The deeper I go and the more perilous the waters, the stronger my faith gets ... and as I pursue deeper levels of faith, the richer the revelation I will have.  Remember...

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