Tune your voice to His glory!

Did you know your song was a powerful key that could open up the supernatural dimension? There is always music in heaven. Your worship becomes a force that thins the veil between heaven and earth over your life. It opens up an access point to the glory realm and makes God's presence tangible. The thinner the veil between heaven and earth, the better we can hear the heavenly song. As we sing, we can can either sing our own song or we can choose to tune our voices to sound of heaven and release heaven's song into earths atmosphere.  

Ps. 66:2 (TPT) tells us, "Sing your songs tuned to his glory! Tell the world how wonderful He is." The Amplified Classic translation says, "Sing forth the honour and glory of His name; make His praise glorious!" When we tune our song to God's glory we are singing forth honour unto Him and making His praise glorious. 

Do you need to hear God's voice more clearly? Sing. Grab your bible and sing the psalms. Sing the word. Sing...

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Focus On Growth

growth life positivity thrive Oct 17, 2018

Today's blog is about thriving amidst the weeds and it is going to be short and sweet. 

Read Matt. 13:24-30 for context.

This parable lets us know that even though God has planted good seeds like the word, truth, teaching, dreams and visions for the future and the pursuit of purpose in our hearts the enemy has also come when we were unaware and planted poisonous weeds in the soil of our lives.

Initially both grow mostly under the surface so we can live blissfully unaware of the weeds.

However, when the good seeds begin to sprout and bear fruit, we will inevitably begin to see the weeds maturing as well. 

Do not worry and do not let the presence of weeds derail you.

It is interesting to note that from the same field, whether it be our lives, our churches, our work places or our families both good and bad fruit can thrive.

Jesus warns the disciples not to go into the field prematurely to pull up the weeds. If we do that, we risk...

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You Are A Gatekeeper!

Uncategorized Oct 11, 2018

This week's blog comes from a message that I believe is one of my life-messages.I pray it ignites a new fire in your spirit too.

For this past several years, God has been stirring aspects of this message in my heart and He has me writing a book on the subject. 

I hope that this article stirs revelation in your heart and enables you to see your life and your purpose from a new perspective. 

As believers, it is key that we understand who we are, not just our place in this world but also (and perhaps more importantly) in the realm of the spirit. 

You are a gatekeeper.

What does that mean?

First, let's define what a gatekeeper is.


Dictionary.com defines it this way, “a person in charge of a gate, usually to identify, count, supervise, etc., the traffic or flow through it. A gatekeeper is a guardian or a monitor over a place.”

A secretary or administrative assistant acts as a gatekeeper of their boss' calendar and appointments.


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Boldly Light the Way

In today's post I want to talk about boldness. 

Let me start with a personal conviction. I believe boldness is a personality trait which is absolutely necessary for anyone who desires to fulfill their destiny assignment during this human experience. Without boldness no one steps outside their comfort zones to do anything great.

Do you want to get a job? You have to put yourself out there. Do you want to find a mate? You must be bold enough to have that first conversation. Do you want to start a business? Then, be bold enough to take that risk. Do you want to help people? You have to be bold enough to attract those who could benefit from the help you have to offer them.

The challenge though is that boldness is risky. When we step-out, there is a chance we will make a mistake, be embarrassed, fail, be rejected, be misunderstood or even ridiculed. Because of that risk, some people choose to live in a much smaller world than their potential...

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New Wine Requires New Wineskins. Are Yours Ready?


We Must Know and Understand the Times and Seasons!

In Matt. 9:14-17 Matthew describes a curious exchange between Jesus and the disciples of John the Baptist.

John's disciples were asking Jesus why His disciples didn't fast. When I read this scripture I imagine that John's disciples were a little perturbed by the fact that Jesus was not teaching (or requiring) his disciples to fast because they fasted (possibly reluctantly or out of duty and obligation) and even the Pharisees (who everyone liked to vilify) did their duties of fasting. 

Instead of answering their question with a simple answer, or explaining to them that fasting was more that a simple discipline, duty or obligation to be fulfilled, Jesus decides to talk to them about Bachelor Parties, Clothing and Wine. Wait. What? 

It's true. Jesus uses three seemingly strange and extremely profound analogies to explain to them why his disciples were not fasting and in the process, he teaches us three cool...

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It's Time to See Him Clearly!

The Veil Has Been Rent!

Do you ever struggle with hearing God's voice or seeing God in the faint imaginings of your mind? So many believers do. It seems that some believers hear and see spiritual things easily while others don't.

What if a lot of that difficulty has to do with our expectation? What if we don't have to be stuck in a perpetual season of shallow spirit-living where we get a goosebump here and there at conferences and in prayer lines?

What if the only thing that has to change for us to be able to operate in a greater spiritual capacity is our perspective.

As a young believer, I used to only "hear" or "see" things when I was lost in deep worship. However, when I would share my visions or words from God with others, the responses I got varied between blank stares and half smiles to unbelief filled, "wow's" or the worst ones of all, the patronizing, "you're so cute" kind of responses.

I was never encouraged to press in to those moments or to...

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Light It Up God!

freedom light revelation truth Sep 12, 2018

David sang in Psalm 119:105 (NIV), "Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path." In the image above you will see the same verse typed out but in that image the text was pulled from the Passion Translation. I love that translation. While the NIV may be a more familiar rendering, I feel the Passion translation of this verse is so much more enlightening (pardon the pun). 

The bible isn't just God's word, it's God's truth and it's that truth which sheds a shining light on our path. That light guides us by bringing clarity to the choices and decisions set before us.

It's an awesome privilege that we get to go to God (the creator of everything) when we face a dark, confusing or scary path ahead. What a blessing to have Him light up the way we ought to go. It is not a magic formula though. When the light is shone to light the way before us, we are still the ones who have the power of choice.


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I Am My Beloved's and He is Mine

god's love Sep 05, 2018

He is the bridegroom and YOU are His chosen bride. We tend to believe that corporately about Jesus and the entire church. However we don't realize that each of us must have that one-on-one connection with Jesus on our own. 

Jesus is madly in love with you. When we think of the relationship between Jesus and His bride as merely a corporate experience that exists in spite of ourselves, we miss the magical revelation of His love for us as individuals. We must each realize that If it was only "ME" He would feel the same burning passion He expresses for His beloved in Song of Songs. I am His and He is mine.

You are the theme of His love song.

Whether you are in a very good place spiritually or you are in the midst of your valley, your very lowest and darkest place, you are always overshadowed by the most perfect of all loves. His love for you. 

His love is the light your soul needs to flourish and bloom in the fullness of it's beauty. However it is faith and belief IN that love...

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What Do YOU See?

Uncategorized Aug 30, 2018

I was listening to an interview with Shirley Seger the other day. In this interview she made a statement which gave me an awesome visual of how God uses our imagination as a tool for our spiritual growth.

She said, "our imagination is God's chalkboard."

She didn't explain that statement too much in this particular interview but in my heart I had an aha moment.

In my mind, chalkboards are used by teachers. So, if my imagination is God's chalkboard, then that means He is going to use the pictures in my mind as tools to teach and guide me in my life journey.  I love that!  

God wants to reveal things to us.  It is our job to believe that we CAN see what He is positioning in our mind's eye. It takes discipline and faith though to press in and set time aside to actually be with Him and listen to his heart.

He wants us to live on earth the same way as they do in heaven.

What do you see when you spend time alone in God's...

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Face Time

Uncategorized Aug 22, 2018

When we spend time in God's presence and give him real, genuine face time, He speaks. If we position ourselves to listen and hear His voice we will see that one word from God can change our lives forever.

Sometimes though, there is a lengthy delay and many battles to overcome between promise and fulfillment so we can become discouraged.


When we are going trials it feels like God is not present. It feels as though we have been abandoned but we have to remember that God actually does allow trials to come. It's not because He is being mean or He doesn't want to protect us. It is because many times the trial is a necessary part of our journey.

In fact, James tells us to consider it PURE JOY when we face trials of many different kinds. Why? Because trials produce in us a tenacious perseverance and perseverance has some work to do in us SO THAT we will become mature and complete, NOT LACKING ANYTHING. (James 1:2-4)

That means, if the trial has been allowed to come and hit our...

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